Farmers and Artisans

Sell your locally produced goods at Agricole.

Would you like to supply Agricole with your locally produced foods?

If your farm grows healthy, fresh vegetables and fruit or produces high quality meats, then Agricole would like to hear from you.  Also on our list are dairy products, eggs, honey, and grains.  We are always lining up more vendors, in advance of our store opening and continually after opening.  Perhaps you are not a farmer yourself but you make bread, pasta, or prepared foods?  Agricole is the store for the things that you create, too.  We hear from our customers-to-be that they want more prepared food options.

You might be from Chelsea or the surrounding area, or you might be from some other place in Michigan, as Agricole will stretch "local" a little bit for the right vendor with a great product offering.

Agricole gives you a convenient retail outlet.  Let us do the selling for you.  Typically, we operate on a consignment model: When your product sells, you receive a high percentage of the sales price directly calculated from the sale.  Agricole takes a smaller percentage as our share.  In some cases, if desired, we can work with a wholesale relationship too.

Vendor Application Forms

Below our our producer application forms as well as our guidelines.  In addition, feel free to contact us directly so we can answer the questions that you may have.  We look forward to carrying your wonderful things!


If you are an active producer at Agricole, you may receive your payments as a direct deposit to your account. Please fill out this authorization form for us and we will set up the direct deposits.